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How does a bankruptcy lawyer make money?

How do I hire one when I can’t pay?


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  2. how do i file for bankruptcy without money to pay for a lawyer? i have no money. nobody to help me pay either. i’ve worn out all my financial resources. no job. how...

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3 Responses to "How does a bankruptcy lawyer make money?"

  1. catwoman1314 says:
    They have a set fee for filing,court time ,etc. The cost will depend on whether you file Chapter7,13,11 etc.. Most work out a payment plan.
  2. (Ω)Mistress Bekki says:
    You pay a retainer up front–ie soak your existing lines of credit from lenders you are about to screw in order to pay the lawyer to help you do it.

    I imagine only a stupid bankruptcy lawyer would extend clients any credit.

  3. kittana says:
    Don’t Hire, you’ll get a lawyer which the court appoints for u when ur taken to the court lol he’d get paid by the government :D You don’t worry too much dude ur anyways bankrupt

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