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how does student loan consolidation work?

I am wondering how student loan consolidation works,,, once i consloidate my loans do i get a sum of cash? i know i have gotten offers that say up to $2000 now if you consolidate. does that mean i get $2000 for myself, or do they take that off the ammount of the loan.


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2 Responses to "how does student loan consolidation work?"

  1. Luke 6:37 says:
    You don’t get $2000 off, you probably just save that much in interest by consolidating. You are basically consolidating to get a lower fixed rate on your loan, that’s the benefit.
  2. greentadpole says:
    Generally, a consolidation loan lumps all your student loans into a new loan, with up to 30 years to pay back and a fixed interest rate. It really makes it easy if you have student loans scattered across different lenders/servicers.

    The key word in your statement is ‘up to $2000′, if you have a lower balance, you probably will not get that much as a credit. Yes, you would get a credit, not cash back.

    And if you do get ‘up to $2000′, believe me, you will pay for it eventually. There’s no such thing as a free lunch (imo).

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