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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » How is the foreclosure bail out plan like the thief who stole your money?

How is the foreclosure bail out plan like the thief who stole your money?

….leaving you in dire straights and then sending his buddy to help you out by loaning your own money back?

This takes so deep thinking ability and the willingness to see outside the box.

But it is there if you want to see…
Morph…and what is your problem?

You have something against free and open exchange of ideas and communication? thanks for the chuckle at your expense.


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5 Responses to "How is the foreclosure bail out plan like the thief who stole your money?"

  1. top me says:
    a bail-out..because somebody was stupid enough to want something they couldn’t afford..and find a way to take the risk in buying it?

    how many of those people have credit card debt buying stuff like beers at happy hour?

    the choices we all make..should be what we all are responsible for..and that includes the banks that made the risky loans..but isn’t this bail-out all about the bottom line of the underwriting banks..and not the people paying their mortgages?

  2. Sailon says:
    The overall mortgage situation is helping to financially break the backs of hard working Americans.
    For example- why does a mortgage Co./Bank get the right to be able to charge an exorbitant amount of interest for a home loan…talk about thieves…consider that for starters, and that’s just scratching the surface+
  3. Mr Bill M says:
    It started with the education department (run by democrats) If these people could read or even add and subtract (their salary from mortgage) they would have seen it just does not work.

    So once again the American people bail out the stupid.

  4. Scott B says:
    If I lose money in Vegas it no longer is “my” money and certainly no one is going to “bail me out”. What ever happened to fiscal responsibility? Here’s a tip, don’t enter into a contract you can’t keep and then cry about someone stealing from you. What a joke!

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