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How long after my bankruptcy is discharged do I have to include a company?

I filed over 2 and a half years ago and was discharged little over 2 years ago. My question is how long after I am discharged do I have the right to include someone in on my bankruptcy? Because 2 months after I was discharged one creditor that wasnt on my bankruptcy but I was deliquent at the time of the discharge is now reporting negative info to the credit companies.


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3 Responses to "How long after my bankruptcy is discharged do I have to include a company?"

  1. A W says:
    How about just PAYING it since it IS a debt you incurred?

    Call the attorney who did your bankruptcy and see what they say.

  2. bdancer222 says:
    If you were delinquent at the time, why didn’t you include this creditor in your bankruptcy? And if it showed up 2 months after discharge, why didn’t you contact your attorney and see about getting it included?

    Even if they just started reporting the item recently, it still will age off 7-1/2 years from date of first deficiency. This is per the FCRA and nothing restarts that clock.

  3. Studly says:
    Sigh….three answers and not one of them answers your question. Sorry.

    Once your bankruptcy is discharged it is next to impossible to get it re-opened to include a debt. You would have to file a whole new bankruptcy.

    Actually, if the debt is not included by the “bar” date it’s already too late.

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