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How long does it take for a foreclosure to be completed?

My last payment was Jan. 15; but it seems the clock started ticking when I missed my payment on Feb. 15.

Chase and Countrywide (primary and HELOC lenders) are telling me that the foreclosure begins on May 15, the three-month mark, if I’m understanding them correctly.

But what I want to know is, when would the foreclosure be done with?


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4 Responses to "How long does it take for a foreclosure to be completed?"

  1. LEXI's says:
    Hi my name is Lexi.
    I can help you with this problem, I would not be able to give you a clear answer without more detail, no worries I don’t charge you any money e-mail me! ASAP!!! I CAN HELP YOU!
    Good Luck!
    Here are a few of your options…
    1. Re-Negotiate with the Current
    Lender – Loan Modification

    5. Declare Bankruptcy
    2. Refinance the Property

    6. Borrow Money from a Friend or Relative or…
    3. List the Property with a
    Real Estate Agent

    7. Deed in Lieu Foreclosure
    4. Sell the Property for
    Cash, Short Sale – Walk Away

    8. Do Nothing; Allow the Property to
    Go To Auction/Foreclose

    Its not too late! Most lenders just want money, SAVE your credit while you can…..
    This will help you in the future to purchase another house, rent or lease a property and keep you from owing the difference after auction to the IRS….some people really don’t know what there talking about, as you can see I’m not one of them, you have options USE THEM….with me or someone else, just don’t give your money away to the government, they will just use it for war!
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    Optimista- google it
    Don’t hate because I can give accurate information!
    If you want to help somebody, help them!

  2. Boog says:
    Its done with when you go to court and pay all the legal fees.
  3. mscarriem says:
    dont fall for these gimmicks of people that can help you, it depends on what state you are in, I answered your other post about your second and deed in lieu of foreclosure, if you have not made a payment since Jan 15th that was the payment to cover decembers interest so you are now approacdhing 120 days late, go to google and look for foreclosure in _______ your state here and see how long you have
  4. Dawni Do Right says:
    Depends on what state you are in, what deed was used and if the foreclosure will be judicial or non-judicial.

    Deeds of Trust are more common anymore & can be foreclosed upon non-juducially, thus avoiding the right of redemption period. The entire process can take as short as 90 days or as long as over a year, depending if there is a right of redemption period.

    Check your state here:

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