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How long does the foreclosure process take?

How much time to you have to leave the house, once in foreclosure or default?


  1. How long does the foreclosure process take from “Notice of Foreclosure” to your house going up for auction? I live in Las Vegas. I just received a Foreclosure Intent notice by certified mail. How much longer can I...

  2. How long does the foreclosure process take in New Jersey? I was wondering how long it takes for a house to go though the foreclosure process, through to the sale...

  3. What kind of lawyer do you use for a foreclosure summons and how long does it take NY state for the process?? We need a lawyer to help answer the summons and how long does it take until they auction off the...

  4. How long is the foreclosure process if I have already modified my mortgage once? I modified my mortgage a few months ago and still struggling. I owe $315 and it’s worth about $200. So,...

  5. How long after foreclosure before you receive a 1099? My house was foreclosed on in October 2009 in Maryland. At the foreclosure sell at the court house there were...

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3 Responses to "How long does the foreclosure process take?"

  1. realtor.sailor says:
    Depending on your location and/or court back log it could be anywhere from 3 months to a year. You need to leave by the time a final judgment is rendered and a courthouse sale is scheduled.


  2. silky1 says:
    once you receive the actual foreclosure default letter the least amount of time is 30 days and the most is 90 but i’d be prepared to vacate in 30.
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