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how much does a bankruptcy attorney usually cost?


  1. How much should a bankruptcy attorney cost me in San Diego? I am needing to file a Chapter 7 bk soon. I am wondering how much money I am going to...

  2. how much should a bankruptcy attorney cost in Kentucky? and what kinds of things should I ask I want to save my home from a law suit ...

  3. Cost of Bankruptcy Attorney? Does anyone know (ballpark) how much a bankruptcy attorney should charge? It’s not because I want to file bankruptcy. It’s...

  4. What is the cost to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy through an attorney in Central Florida? and does that include court filing fees. ...

  5. can a lender add old attorney fees to my foreclosure cost from a closed bankruptcy case ...

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3 Responses to "how much does a bankruptcy attorney usually cost?"

  1. La Mas Chingona says:
    It’s around the $1400 to $1500 range
  2. Baggs_999 says:
    We found as low as $700. But we got what we paid for. Pay at least a $1000. It’s worth it.
  3. Jamie says:
    They can range anywhere from 400 bucks to 2k. It all depends on who is processing it. Sometimes paralegals process it for cheap, but you want to make sure it is done right!

    My attorney remember them saying that they charge mostly based on the persons situation. So if your situation is easy it should be cheap. I paid $2k and had only 30k in debt that they wiped out. I believe their website is or contact the attorney I worked with directly tell him Martha and Miguel referred you.

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