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how much is the estimated cost to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in prescott arizona?

I just came from a bankruptcy lawyer in california and she wants 1799 up front total including everything for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I am moving to prescott valley arizona in three weeks and wonder if it will cost less if I move there and wait the 90 days and file there. Can anyone help?


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3 Responses to "how much is the estimated cost to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in prescott arizona?"

  1. Ed Atun says:
    Most will charge you $3,500.

    You can do it yourself for $200 total but you will be worried about making a mistake. The Clerk of the Court is pretty helpful.

  2. Metty B says:
    No, you need not to pay $3500 or something 1799. One of my friend filed chapter 7 in california and he hasn’t pay that much amount to attorney. You can ask directly online for the fees, my friend had used the link to contact with bankruptcy attorney.
    Hope it will help you to pay less than any other
  3. Graham I says:
    Make sure you seek help from a trusted expert in the bankruptcy field. You don’t want to make any mistakes that can harm your credit for years to come. Try calling a lawyer to make sure you do the right thing.

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