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How much should I expect a bankruptcy attorney to charge me (state of Illinois)?

I’m declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I incurred a large amount of debt (about $25K, all credit card). It began with buying an older car that cost me hundreds a month in repairs and continued through other forms of bad luck (a huge roaming charge on a phone plan with a grandfather clause, unemployment, etc.). I’m not the stereotypical shopaholic who wants to get a lot of stuff for free…anyone who saw my lifestyle would see that I don’t live extravagantly.

I went to one attorney who quoted me $1700, which seemed like a lot since my case is pretty cut and dried. I know a paralegal who will prepare my documents for $300, but once the docs are done, I’m on my own, and I really don’t want to face a bunch of corporate attorneys by myself at a creditors’ meeting, so I’m thinking of hiring an attorney.

I figure I could pay something like $1000 ($500 up front with three or four monthly payments beyond that) for an attorney to draw up papers and defend me at a creditors’ meeting. Is this a reasonable fee to expect?
I don’t know if creditors will show up to my meeting or not, but if they do, I want legal representation with me. This paralegal will file the paperwork for me, but that’s all they will do.


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4 Responses to "How much should I expect a bankruptcy attorney to charge me (state of Illinois)?"

  1. Bee says:
    I was going to use an attorney for my father’s bankruptcy and they were going to charge $1000 plus additional court costs and fees for filing of approximately $200. I ended up doing it myself for $89 plus the court costs and fees by using this website software: I found it pretty easy and no creditors even showed up at my dad’s hearing. At the final hearing it was discharged and that was that. Good luck whatever you decide! The paralegal’s offer sounds like a good compromise between using an attorney or doing it yourself.
  2. Strange Days says:
    $1700 sounds like a good deal,My daughter just got through paying $3000 for hers and her debt was about the same as yours.
  3. American Man says:
    What makes you think they will take payments from someone who don’t make payments?
    Go to Consumer Credit Counseling, ( CCC ) and ask them for help with the credit problems.
    You might not have to bankrupt at all.
  4. Always giving a hand says:
    Hey bud, my friend was in your same situation except he had about 45,000 in credit card debt, but before he filed for bankruptcy I referred him to a law firm called drlawcenter and they were able to help him without having to file for bankruptcy. if you want more information about this you should email them at and tell them about your situation. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to see what other options you have. hope all goes well.

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