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How much time do I have to move after my home has been sold at a foreclosure sale?

How much time do I have to move after my home has been sold at a foreclosure sale?

After the foreclosure sale there is a 10 day upset bid period before the sale becomes final. After that time has passed and there have been no upset bids the sale then becomes final. At that point the third party buyer, the lender, or the foreclosure trustee who purchases the property or represents the purchaser of the property at the foreclosure sale will then send you a letter, probably via certified mail, stating that you have 10 days to voluntarily vacate the home. Once the ten days period in the letter has expired the third party buyer or lender will apply to the Clerk of Superior Court for an Order for Possession. If the Clerk allows the Order for Possession that order will direct the sheriff to remove all occupants and their personal property from the premises within 7 days of receipt.

So, in general you really don’t have much time, this eviction process is much shorter than your typical landlord-tenant eviction. If you need a week or two to transition to another home or apartment contact the trustee or the buyer (contact the party that sends the ten day notice letter) and explain your situation. Most often they will give you a limited time to move you and your possessions from the residence. If you do not make the effort to contact them, they will more than likely move the application for an Order for Possession along as swiftly as possible.

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