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How to Find Foreclosure Listings

Where to find and receive the best foreclosure listings? This is what most Real Estate Investors, Realtors, loan officers and the general public wants to know and more detailed information can be found on my site “ Foreclosure and pre-foreclosure inventory is at an all time high and everyone is looking to get accurate and fast information on properties in default or in foreclosure within their local market. In the present Real Estate market, to become rich or stay poor is often determined by a mere scrap of information. If you can receive accurate foreclosure data then as an investor you are able to make accurate analysis in the purchasing of a property. There are many online foreclosure services of which some do a great job in providing accurate information. I will be reviewing and have personally used the following foreclosure listing services: RealtyTrac,, and Bargain Home Network .

1.RealtyTrac – This online foreclosure service provides an adequate amount of property information along with all pertinent foreclosure and default information. I personally have used this service many times with successful results and actually have purchased 3 properties listings provided by them. RealtyTrac lists properties in various stages of the foreclosure process; additionally, they include homes for sale by owner and general resells. RealtyTrac has listings from all fifty states including Washington D.C. You can search for properties based on city, state, zip and county. Although RealtyTrac doesn’t have quiet as many listings as the #2 service,, RealtyTrac includes almost all the information an investor or first time buyer needs to know about a property like publication date, price, status, beds, baths, default amount, taxes and more. Additionally, listings are updated daily. Although RealtyTrac includes a considerable amount of information, the addition of equity percentage, legal information and sales history would have given this site a perfect score. Not only does this site provide you with current foreclosure listings, it is also a great resource for those looking to learn more about the foreclosure process, state specific laws and community demographics. They also include Google maps in most of their posts.

]]> – This is the foreclosure listing service which I also use and it will provide for all your foreclosure needs. They include one of the most complete and informative selections of listing types and the most search features we reviewed. There are more than one million properties available nationwide within their databases. was edged out by RealtyTrac because that they do not include the date the property was listed and they are lacking some additional information like the property’s default amount and informational articles. includes one of the most informative and comprehensive lists of pre-foreclosure and foreclosed properties I have come across. With more than one million properties nationwide, including D.C. and Puerto Rico. They include listings for properties in REO, NOD, Notice of Sale, Auction or those repossessed by the government like HUD, VA or Fannie Mae. has is one of the best foreclosure listing services around. Whether you are a home buyer or a serious investor, the information provides is invaluable. The only thing holding this site back is that it does not list the date the property was posted. We would like to assume all information is up to date and current.

3.Bargain Network Homes – I have used this service occasionally and have found it to be accurate, informative and fast, it has a high concentration of foreclosures and government listings. Searches for properties are based not only in a state or county, but also those with a certain price range, beds or baths. They also include a comprehensive list of property details including status and publication date. Bargain Network Homes is an investor friendly foreclosure listing service. They include how-to guides, various reports and laws by state. The one and biggest difficulty with this service is you can only cancel your account through the telephone. This can be an annoying and inconvenient method especially for those trying to contact the company during off hours. Bargain Network Homes provides foreclosures in all stages of the process including those that have gone to auction online. They list properties in all 50 states including Washington D.C. and you can search for listings based on price range, beds, baths or property type. Details include the property’s status, the date the listings was posted, loan information, tax information, assessed value and more. Although Bargain Network Homes is a great site for searching for foreclosed properties and foreclosure related information, we found in today’s day and age there needs to be more options for the consumer to cancel their subscription.

I use all of the above services and generally am

happy with all. RealtyTrac is my preference and the one which I use daily and if I were to recommend one, it would be RealtyTrac hands down.The reason

I have all three and that is because each provides a different variety of information and the more information gathered from different resources the more more accurate my anaylsis to determine if a deal is worthy or not. As an successfully real estate investor the more tools to help you in your decision making process the better. Real estate is a competitive business.

Foreclosure listing services give investors the edge they need to be successful when time is of the essence. Online listing services provide you with all the information you need to know at the click of a mouse, including the property’s stage of foreclosure, it’s specs and who to contact. Traditionally, a foreclosure real estate investor would have to go down to their county courthouse and request a list of foreclosures in their area. With an online foreclosure listing service, you can get all the information you need without leaving your office and spend your time on more important details, like closing the deal. For more detailed information go to

Visit for more investor tools and resources. Rick Sarouk is an active nationwide Real Estate Investor and Certified Appraiser.


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