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How to get a good interest rate Smartway Advisors Presents “How can I get a good interest rate?” You know, if you think about your credit score, your credit score is nothing more than a lenders projection of your likelihood to repay your loan. What it’s basically saying is nothing personal about you, it’s saying that people that have your type of credit history repay in a certain fashion. So obviously, they need to offset their risk. If you’re a borrower that’s not likely to repay, or if other borrows who have the same type of profile of you have not repaid their loan, they’ve got to charge you more interest in order to offset their risk. It’s really a fair thing. It’s not a bad thing the lender is doing. What our program does, is we look at you a little differently. We don’t just look at your credit score; we look at the reason behind your credit score, and what happened in your life that caused your credit to be damaged. We all have these things occur— a divorce, a health issue, a business bankruptcy— things happen in our lives that we can’t avoid. It doesn’t mean that we’re not careful borrowers and we don’t want to honor our payment obligations, something happened. That’s what our program is designed to figure out. Through our interview process with you and through our qualification system, we can project whether you’re likely to be a good borrower. And if you are, we can get you a great interest rate like you deserve. To learn how to claim your free $20 gas card, call

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