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How to Remodel and Renovate a Foreclosure

Join us as we Remodel and Renovate a recently purchased foreclosure. See Rick’s current project.


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25 Responses to "How to Remodel and Renovate a Foreclosure"

  1. london1817 says:
    @davidsquall351 Oh yeah! going to be great down the road though!
  2. davidsquall351 says:
    Looks like alot of work to do :)
  3. london1817 says:
    @tedsvideos1 Well thanks! No I will just use the grid since this is a rental….i wish it all ran off solar to be honest……I will try to keep going with the remodel videos…..Thanks for the comment!
  4. tedsvideos1 says:
    wow man looks like we will be seeing a lot of updates based on what we just saw.
    Are you going to use solar or air turbine on this place? looking forward to the progress.
    You are my favorite you tube (channel) good luck!
  5. shartne says:
    @london1817 no we did not cut the wall we chiseled out the particle board from underneath the floor seal then cut the nails with a saws-all metal bit. You gotta have a SawsAll if your going to remodel. After the board is gone and the nails have been cut you can slide a new plywood under the wall.
  6. ttitanic121 says:
    Lipstick on a pig! what a p.o.s….hope it works out o.k…good luck!
  7. Larryd1001 says:
    I would check the wiring for bad (melted) wires from what you have shown in the video also. Don’t want a fire!!!
  8. Larryd1001 says:
    take your time do it right. then rent it out for extra income. make sure it;s not to close to your own residence.
  9. aschris87 says:
    the place need totally gutting out start from bare wall’s and roof…
  10. Frosttty says:
    Tell me you paid less than 2k for this place, hehe.
  11. Praxxus55712 says:
    Holy crap what a mess. I woulda remodelled with a match and can of gas. Ok maybe a can of biofuel to go green. :)

    ps: Good luck on the job.

  12. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman no mold!! Thank God!…..This is the cheapest way to do rentals.
  13. london1817 says:
    @shartne That would be my guess with the heaters! one of the walls caught on fire at one point.
    I just work along most the time….my dad comes to help me every now & then but he’s 81 so I just let him do
    his own thing then fix what he ruined later after he is not around! lol.

    The carpet goes under the floor too & thats as far as I have gotten with that……How did you wind up getting the plywood out?……Did you just cut to the wall?……Like I will have to most likely do…haha

  14. london1817 says:
    @dbztiki I am going to try to do a video on my progress everyday until I’m donr.
  15. london1817 says:
    @scottiblasto very cheap foreclosure….good area for a rental though…old part of town…& the houses aren’t very close so i can work without any neigbors talking to me.
  16. london1817 says:
    @stnick2002 Ok …I will try…only a few more to go after this one..
  17. stnick2002 says:
    Kick some ass dude!
  18. scottiblasto says:
    eech, I hope you got that for a song dude…. looks like a lot of work!
  19. dbztiki says:
    Wow dude looks like a lot of work. Keep us updated.
  20. shartne says:
    Freddy Cougar bathroom LOL! I put all new floors in a trailer once and its tough because the boards go under the walls. It makes it hard to remove and slide the new ply wood under the bottom board on the wall. Looks like bath room is a total gut job. why are the outlets burned like that did they use heaters that pulled too many amps is my guess? You need some buddies to help thats a lot of work man. Have you ever seen flip that house they usually go way over budget and it takes them too long.
  21. erfrye says:
    good luck
  22. spiritartman says:
    I would not know where to start. BLESS YOU!! is there Mold? why not just put up a new house? Looking forward to the progress!!! Thanks
  23. susannamcintyre says:
    A lot of work there. Are you going to video progression on that? I would love to see it.
  24. andyrew55 says:
    I really enjoy fixing things and messing with electrical stuff. I bet that will be fun and exhausting at the same time
  25. AReptileMan says:
    They were going Green but went mold instead.

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