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How to Stop Credit Card Debt w/o Consolidation! – Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Now! Learn How to Eliminate Your Credit Card Debts in 90 Days Without Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy!


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25 Responses to "How to Stop Credit Card Debt w/o Consolidation!"

  1. melthompsoniii says:
    Too many people choose the wrong kind of credit card debt help. They deceive themselves into believing they can manage a debt management payment plan, or they can afford to begin a lump sum debt settlement savings plan (where they skip their monthly payments to bank that money with a debt settlement firm to one day offer a final lump sum settlement amount).
  2. cjaye84 says:
    Texas residents have great laws to protect them from harassing creditors! I have seen some bad debt elimination companies, but Debt Free Angels sets the bar! If you have lost your job, had hours cut, had an accident or illness or divorce, you probably qualify. Their fee is minimal and they can save you 60-80% of the original amount, plus they take over with your creditors and they STOP calling! They also make sure the creditor reports the right thing on your credit report! A+++
  3. cjaye84 says:
    Texas residents have awesome protection to protecting your rights and ceasing harassment. If you have lost your job, had your hours cut, or been divorced or in an accident, you probably qualify for debt elimination. Not all companies are crooks! Check out Debt Free Angels, they have a minimal fee, do all the leg work for you, and settle your debt for 60-80% less than the original amount! They even make SURE your credit score goes up!
  4. ehabmalati12 says:
    you are gunnies, it’s been 2 days already and not even one single call. I used to receive at least 7 calls a day from the same people
  5. greatanime2go says:
    Decent advice….
    DC companies suck for the most part.. You are better off calling collectors yourself and getting a deal and having them remove that baddie from your cr completely.But it does require a whole lot of follow up to make sure they keep their word and not hose you once you settle.
    I was struggling with this, but my friend recommended a company that did all the leg work for him, and all they charged me was $40/year.

    Give them a call, They are AWESOME


  6. abridgewater101 says:
    This is a highly recommended video :) Learn something from this video :) Please watch my video to learn same topic :D
  7. rantingcurmudgeon says:
    @Nauticalman They can in fact buy the right to collect the debt. Whether they can collect it is another matter.
  8. ddhdearlove says:
    @Nauticalman Thx, I learned something. I have creditors calling me constantly!
  9. Jara426 says:
    I agree with AEinsteinSr. Just dont use credit cards. And honestly, using credit cards after you have already lost your job or took a cut in pay is pretty much about the 23rd thing on the list of things you should do in a situation like that. 99.99% of the time it just seems to make everything worse. I do think the fact that credit is becoming more exclusive and elite per the new laws and regulations in Feb will sort a lot of this out in years to come.
  10. thelazycomic says:
    oscy999 must not have been hurt by this economic depression. I just love people who haven’t walked in the shoes, but sit on their throne and judge everybody else. SELFISHLY RAN UP? Not everybody was out buying big screen TV’s. Some folks who lost their jobs, (HOPING thngs would get better by now), were using their cards to pay for groceries, the doctor’s office, or car repairs trying to keep the old heap on the road. How dare you judge when you haven’t walked in somebody elses shoes.
  11. Debtmasters2010 says:
    This video is packed with great information and your link looks interesting too. Check out the link in my profile if you’re tired of the phone calls and want to settle your debt.
  12. roxcyn says:
    It depends on how you define “old”,
    Nauticalman made it sound like all collection accounts have been sold accounts which is not 100% true.
  13. Stonewalljackson7 says:
    if the debt is old it is almost certainly been sold off
  14. roxcyn says:
    Not all collection offices purchases debts. Most are referred to them by the creditor.

    If it IS a purchased debt, the money can no longer be paid to the original creditor as the account has been sold.

    As for the last part, that is correct, however if you call the creditor they may likely refer you back to the collection office. Moreover, check in your contact with the original creditor it usually has some section giving them the right to collect on the debt, etc.

  15. roxcyn says:
    I didn’t hear him say that in the video ???
  16. LivingSuccess247 says:
    With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I cant think of a better way to start off the new year than learning how to stop the creditors from calling.

    Join the New Years Resolutions Extreme Makeover Telesummit today by clicking on my name above in blue (LivingSuccess247)

  17. Nauticalman says:
    Third party debt collection agencies purchase your debt at a low cost with the goal of making a profit on their purchase.

    You are 100% not required by law to pay a third party whom you did not sign a contract with over the original debt. The debt collection agency has no legal right to demand money from you because you never signed a contract with them.

    They’re just a bunch of idiots paid commission to scare you into paying a debt that your bank/credit card organization has already closed.

  18. hanish1985 says:
    Canada debt against
  19. AEinsteinSr says:
    The best advice is….
    Do not use credit cards
  20. debtplan says:
    Pay your bills if you can. Try to make more income.  Take a part-time job in addition to your regular employment.
  21. Stonewalljackson7 says:
    not paying a debt is NOT a crime, moron
  22. oyemijo says:
    Each CELLPHONE call has potential to be a violation potentially costing $1500 for EACH instance they call or leave message depending where you reside (violations can rack up between various federal law + your state laws. This does not count the possible FDCPA laws as well. So if you want to make some money off collectors, write to “let them know” not to call but in the meatime let them do so they violate. Keep a log of all cellphone calls, recordings, cellphone bill, and proceed with lawsuit.
  23. elysianfury says:
    stole? go to any college campus and try to tell me they’re not GIVING AWAY free money. when they don’t get repaid, well that’s because they made a REALLY BAD INVESTMENT.
  24. DoctorFalcoholic says:
    Who’s the real criminal here? The company legally in charge of collecting debt that is legally owed, or the individual who stole money from a creditor and is now refusing to pay back what they owe by law?
  25. coldsteel61a says:
    why pay criminals

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