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How to stop insolvency of our company HELP!?

Hi, I work for a company who is tied to a charity for a community, Because our income isnt sufficient and we owe the charity £3,000… Well the charity has decided to stop supporting us,

We can pay the money back within a 6 month forcast but they want it asap.

The board is wanting to file for insolvency/bankruptcy. How can we get out of this sticky mess?

I just need some advice so i dont lose my job/company,

Comparing to what we owe, we have supported the charity when they were in a dire situation but they refuse that as mandatory.
Hi, Thanks..Yes i understand but i can’t give much else to be honest as i’m just staff..But i really appreciate your answer.. Thank you


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One Response to "How to stop insolvency of our company HELP!?"

  1. capwest5a says:
    Unfortunately, the board is probably right in this case. If you already have been unable to meet your current obligations, then there is not much chance that you will be able to do so in future either. It’s up to your company to figure out why they aren’t able to meet their obligations – there isn’t enough detail for us to really assess the problem here or suggest possible solutions.

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