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How will filing bankruptcy affect my ability to get health insurance?

My financial situation is such that I may need to file bankruptcy. I am starting a new job and as it is a small company I may need to get health insurance on my own instead of through the company and the employer will reimburse me for a portion. I am wondering how filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will affect this, if at all. Any assistance would be VERY helpful. Thank you!


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3 Responses to "How will filing bankruptcy affect my ability to get health insurance?"

  1. Michael M says:
    no there is a different criteria on policies like health and life
  2. chuck t says:
    Filing bankruptcy wont affect your eligibility for health coverage. The only affect you might have is paying for it. Just hold off because when hillary gets elected(LMAOOOOOO) She will get it for you. of course you will have to pay for it. It will be a requirement for you to have a job and it will be a lot more expensive than the plan you are looking at now.
  3. j g says:
    Chapter 7 is to liquidate any of your assets. Health insurance is totally unrelated to your assets on how much you have. Will you have enough money to pay for the insurance if you are liable to pay any outstanding debts? Your health history will play a big part on your eligibility to a health carrier. If you do not have lapse in your health coverage, you should not have problem getting coverage. If you do, it depends on what existing health issues you may have. You may want to find out by contacting an insurance agent or directly through the web site of any health care carriers.

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