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How would I enter my income and AGI for student loan consolidation ?

Before I drive to see a financial aid person at the college. I am filling out an online application to consolidate my student loans. I am almost done, however, my 2009 AGI is lower than my present source of income. I put in my 09 AGI and entered my current amount of income. Sense those two do not match will not allow me to continue. Do i enter my new AGI (current) because technically I have not filed my 2010 taxes yet. Should I just send in a paper form with my 09 taxes with a current paystub?


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One Response to "How would I enter my income and AGI for student loan consolidation ?"

  1. Anonymous says:
    First off, if you are a current student, you should NOT be consolidating your student loans. Second off, your school has nothing to do with your consolidation and won’t know a darn thing about affairs outside you applying for aid. Third, consolidation is usually just hype and doesn’t really save you any money. Be sure you do your research because most of the time for a few bucks less a month, you end up paying more interest on your loans over the course of 20 or 25 years instead of the 10 year loan payment plan you are on now.

    Fourth, you can’t enter in an AGI for 2010 because you haven’t done your taxes yet. Any info you put down is simply going to be wrong.

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