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How would you help your parents if their house is about to go to foreclosure?

If your parents come to you for help because their house is about to go to foreclosure, what would you do if you don’t have the money to pay for their mortgage or buy their house?
I dont know the bank who owns the mortgage. Why do you ask?

Patriotic mom – What is your email address so that as soon as I get the info, I can email you directly? thanks
American servicing company is the lender. I heard a lot of complains about them, have u?


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2 Responses to "How would you help your parents if their house is about to go to foreclosure?"

  1. Hello;) says:
    Offer to let them move in with me or move in with them and help pay the bills… Which ever makes more sense to you. Its Family!!!
  2. Patriotic Mom says:
    Can you tell me who holds the mortgage? There are loss mitigators at a lot of the large banks.

    Edit: As a Realtor, I often work with pre-foreclosure and short sale properties and have acquired some names and phone numbers that could be helpful to you. Ask Mom and Dad and get back to me.

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