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I am dressing up as a harp seal and need ideas!?

I am planning to go to school dressed as a bloody harp seal to show the cruelty of the hunt. I don’t really know how to pull this look off, so I would really appreciate your help. Should I just wear whitish/grayish colored shirt and pants and put on fake blood, or what? I can’t wear a mask or anything but I could put something over my head as long as my face shows.

Please give me any suggestions you have, but leave opinions about the actual hunt to yourself.

I know that it isn’t white harp seals that are killed all the time, but I said the hoodie thing because I don’t have anything gray/spotted. I’ve looked up on my facts. I’ve also worked to prevent the torture of cows. I’m just doing this because the international day of action is coming up… Didn’t I say not to give opinions on the seal hunt? Wow, you guys sure are bright. Thanks for READING.
Seriously, I’ve been looking at this for a long time. I’ve researched and had contact with people on both sides. This is my descision and I already asked you to give me ideas on the costume, not on the seal hunt. Kapeesh?


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3 Responses to "I am dressing up as a harp seal and need ideas!?"

  1. luchadore says:
    I think the sweats with a hoodie sounds good… kinda gorey but good.
  2. Aereci says:
    That’s the stupidest protest idea ever.

    Prepare to get laughed at, idiot.

  3. Shelley says:
    first off get some information about the seal hunt that isn’t rubbish. White coat seals cannot be legally killed. so dressing up as a white coat seal would be pointless.

    remind people that if they think the seal hunt is bad that cows suffer the same way. Cows are bashed on the head or electrocutes then bled to death. not far off from a seal. put that on your sign or costume somewhere.

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