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I have a solution to the debt crisis, how about the whole economy files bankruptcy?

Not just US national bankruptcy, but global bankruptcy. It’s time to chop the head off the zombie economy that is reaking havoc on the globe. And the ensuing chaos can predictably be blamed on Obama by the YA posters.


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8 Responses to "I have a solution to the debt crisis, how about the whole economy files bankruptcy?"

  1. STEEL says:
    Everybody owes somebody for something. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing our trade deficit whiped clean, as payment in full for saving the rest of the world for Nazis and Communists.
  2. Warren T says:
  3. American says:
    Dumb idea. But yes, I have no problem blaming Obama. His existence has been a cancer on the world economy and security.
  4. Max Hoopla says:
    And people think Ron Paul is crazy.
  5. Sanjay satisfies the ladies says:
    What do you think the plan is? That’s how the dollar will fail the constitution will be null and void, and we will join Canada and Mexico in the North American Union.
  6. ET says:
    I’m not sure I agree with bankruptcy…but reduce EVERYTHING by 20-30%.. Wages, Mortgage payments, Mortgage amounts, real estate taxes, interest rates. cost of EVERYTHING retail and wholesale….college tuition. Every stock on the stock exchange…
  7. Their Constitution rules them says:
    The problem with that is that a country cannot eliminate debt that way they can only restructure it. The money is still owed and must be repaid. That’s why it is important that the country does not get further in debt.
  8. USA MALE says:
    I have no debt and everything paid for even my $80,000 home. Pay your credit cards off and stop charging.!

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