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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » i have student loans and am unemployed. is there a way i can refinance my student loans and get cash back?

i have student loans and am unemployed. is there a way i can refinance my student loans and get cash back?

i recently lost my job, and the deferment period on my student loan is up. i have heard of consolidating the student loan but i can’t find anything that answers the question; ‘can i get cash out of my student loan’. does anyone have any info?


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6 Responses to "i have student loans and am unemployed. is there a way i can refinance my student loans and get cash back?"

  1. anon says:
    Call the loan company and have them defer due to “financial hardship”. It happens often enough.
  2. marcio c says:
    There are several types of deferments. Some have time limits like the one you are using now. The income sensitive ones, such as economic hardship can be used again and again. The only difference is that they do not have the interest defered.
    Sometimes refinancing the loans will reset those interest free deferments. just make sure you don’t end up with a higher interest rate.
    As far as getting cash out,the answer is NO. Federal students loans are given out for for the sole purpose of funding an educational program.
  3. Blues Man says:
    Yes there are Government Grants out there to help U. I’ve got these sites 2 help U out, see below.
    These site tell U what is advable & how 2 get them. I’m in the same process for a different kind of grant but I saw exactly what U need in my search. I hope this helps U.
  4. KyFADirector says:
    Nope. Student loans are for education perposes so if you want to borrow funds from them again you need to go back to school. You can get a forberance so you don’t have to make payments on them while you are unemployed.
  5. Pro says:
    With the new law, after July 1 you WILL NOT be able to consolidate your loans while you are in school. Your rates will go higher and higher and you’ll lose BIG.
    But you have a good solution.
    Chek it here,

  6. Kevin A says: has good information and links on refinancing student loans.

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