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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » I live in Chicago and Need to File bankruptcy whre do I start?

I live in Chicago and Need to File bankruptcy whre do I start?

About 3 years ago my life turned upside down, I had clinical depresion, lost my job and quit school. I did not care about the world, about six months ago I had major surgery and now I owe about $80,000 in medical bills, I have a $5,000 credit card judgment on my credit. I need a fresh start. How do I file bankruptcy? I don’t own anything, not home or car. What can I do? Please help me.


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6 Responses to "I live in Chicago and Need to File bankruptcy whre do I start?"

  1. lqdchaos22 says:
    get an attorney
  2. Etta P says:
    Contact a local bankruptcy attorney. They will know exactly what to do. Good luck and feel better)
  3. Spock (rhp) says:
    Bankruptcy Court — it’s right there in the city. Clerks will help you.

    Or else you hire a BK attorney.

  4. bigdog says:
    find a good bankruptcy lawyer and have him get the paper work filed in court and get a fresh start in life and good luck to you
  5. Dyan O says:
    Go to this website, it will give you the step by step instruction of how to file and where.
    Bankruptcy does cost something to file just so you know.
  6. thommccn says:
    go see bankruptcy lawyer

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