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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » I live in Norhtern Virginia Any one help me to avoid Foreclosure I cant make the payment of the mortgage?

I live in Norhtern Virginia Any one help me to avoid Foreclosure I cant make the payment of the mortgage?

I applied for Deed in Lieu, but the Lender delay it and went just for the Foreclosure. I have no idea where to go with my family in our Prince William county where the service are so bad. I called different numbers of HUD in DC and VA but they dont care or help at all !! I called money management but the stuff was not friendly . I have no idea where to go or what to do ..Forgive me to say that some times I dont beleive I am living in the greatest country in the world ! The services in here are so bad comparing with Europe or other places

I just wanna add some thing for those who send pathatic racist messages confirmed my claims of such a bad services in US. I have been suddenly discharge from my good job for a very stupid purpose which was later assured as a big mistake from the company. I did not givin up and send my resume for hundered jobs, despite of my qualifications and great experiences I still since more than six months got no job. I listed my house in the market more than 3 months and got no offer and spent all my savings. My familly included my child have no health insurance at all in a country where its hospitals ask for fees from the patients and chase you with its bills!!! The misjudgement came from the others not me , the one who ruined my carrier and family was stupide new manager who later was sucked from work because of his bad managemnet from the company. Finally, in Europe treatment is free same as education and the services so freindly and civilized and treat each other as human.


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9 Responses to "I live in Norhtern Virginia Any one help me to avoid Foreclosure I cant make the payment of the mortgage?"

  1. luna007 says:
    sell to some one you trust.
  2. I'm My Son's Mom says:
    this is sad and i am sorry—but this is happening to many many people across the U.S.
    many people are losing their homes to foreclosure due to ARMs and the monthly payment continually going up.

    First i want to recommend that you do not deal with any online people who respond to you —they will say (“email me–i can help you”)…NO they can’t…you will only go deeper and deeper with these people…scams!

    second, have you contacted your mortgage company and asked them to allow you to skip a dew payments and they will then tack those onto the end of the loan…which extends the life of your loan.
    You could attempt to refi with a 30 year fixed, no prepayment penalty loan with your local banks…but i suspect that your loan out weighs the current value of your home…as it does in many U.S. households right now.
    You can retain a licensed realtor and attempt to sell, even while in the foreclosure process.

    lastly – like many americans, you can just allow it to go into default and foreclosure, move into a rental and the federal government will allow you to purchase again 24months after the foreclosure date.
    you do not qualify for state aid or assistance…as you have an asset currently.

    good luck, and remember to stay away from the internet sharks.

  3. Harley says:
    It’s not the country, it’s the people in the country. If you couldn’t make the payments you should have tried renting out a room or finding another way to make your payments. You can’t expect people to fix it for you when you made the mistake. Now, I understand things happen but, you made a deal with your mortgage company and that’s that.

    PWC sucks in general and everyone knows it. You can’t count one county or companies services as a reflection on this country. If you think Europe is so much better, move there. You can only count it on the county itself. Quit blaming others for your misfortunes.

    It sucks, it’s scary and no, I am not dancing on the fact you and your family will be misplaced. Find a shelter, apply for Section 8 and get yourself into an apartment. There are plenty of places for you to go, even if it’s down to Stafford or Spotsylvania county. PWC is expensive, I live in Loudoun county, make a whopping $15/hr and am left with all of $250 at the end of the month after rent and my bills and that’s in an apartment.

    Good luck.

  4. BillyTheKid says:
    Sell the house and use the money to move your ungrateful, grammatically incorrect a** to Iraq! Don’t blame anyone other than YOURSELF for the fact that you can’t pay your mortgage or were to dumb to sell it before it went into foreclosure! YOU are the reason lenders are charging more for mortgages and now you’ll end up living on my welfare tax dollars!
  5. g d says:
    look for investors to engage in a “subject-to” agreement. learn about them. this way your credit will stay intact, w/o losing to the bank.
  6. Craig D says:
    Contact me! I can help!

    No, seriously you did make the agreement and I feel for you and your family and I’m sorry that some people are bashing you in this, but it is happening all over and it because a lot of people didn’t read the writing when they signed up.

    I seriously can help in your situation. And sure I’m gonna make a few bucks from the banks and others, but it would be helping you out of the bind your in.


    Contact me –

  7. godged says:
    ^^^^ LMAO at the spoof on Marty S. ^^^^

    Unfortunately, people are finding themselves in a similar set of circumstances. They either short sell, refinance, declare bankruptcy or let the house go into foreclosure. There are more creative options available, renting the house out for one.

    Forgive me for sounding crass, but you signed on for this mortgage. It’s not any social service agencies fault, the government’s responbility or the counties problem.

    You are living in the greatest country in the world (IMHO), and if you think that getting yourself in this predicament is indicative of a problem with the country, there are planes, boats and buses running every day. Get on one.

  8. Anthony says:
    It’s not that the agencies do not care; they are overwhelmed with requests like yous, mainly due to loans made over the past several years by unethical mortgage lenders.

    There are companies and investors that help people in your situation as long as you have equity in the property. That is how investors make their money; they will offer to buy your home for what you have in it, but some (like the one I am recommending) will help try to help you not lost everything.

    No matter who you deal with, do your homework on the company.

  9. ron d says:
    please review the following site:

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