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I need a Bankruptcy attorney.?

I need to file for bankruptcy, chapter 7. I want someone to recommend a decent attorney, that is not too expensive. I have about $1200 to spend. Hopefully someone who has filed for bankruptcy in the past has a good recommendation.

I forgot to include that I live in chicago, so if anyone knows about a bankruptcy attorney in chicago, please share your input
This is for Mr. ” get a life”, I found an attorney in my price range, and he is taking care of what I need him to take care of. I’m sorry you had to pay $3000 but you know what they say “there’s a sucker born every minute”.


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One Response to "I need a Bankruptcy attorney.?"

  1. GETaLIFE says:
    You’re cracking me up. You want a good attorney… but on a low budget. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Would you go to the hospital, ask for heart surgery from the cheapest guy that will take your surgery? I doubt it. Get on the phone and start INTERVIEWING attorneys. I interviewed nine before selecting mine and he was awesome. Cost me $3K to do it. Sure others would do it for $995, $1250, $1800, etc, etc. I know better.

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