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I need help finding a more sufficient DAW system/music making software. HELP?!?!?

I posted this on YAHOO ANSWERS:
Whats the BEST QUALITY music making software on the market?

i need something easy… beginner friendly but with a wide variety of sounds… instrumental (everything from your basic rock instruments to the Cello, sax, & harp) as well as sounds for making electronic music & beats too. i looked around online but you can never really tell with advertisements… of course they’ll all market their gear as top notch so i’d like to hear from someone with experience. Thanks :)
I ended up choosing magix music maker 16 and its not bad but i was looking more for a system that had individual notes and keys from various instruments that i could string together in any fashion to make my own songs… where as the music maker has precomposed bits to arrange however. i like all the cool features and simplicity of this program but would rather be able to start from scratch… like with a cord encyclopedia or something.


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One Response to "I need help finding a more sufficient DAW system/music making software. HELP?!?!?"

  1. Henré says:
    The problem is you will have difficulty finding those two things (music-making software and sample libraries) in one package.

    Rather, get a good DAW (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools…) and buy a separate sample library like East West Quantum Leap Symphonic or whatever.

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