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I need info about loan and debt consolidation (student loans and other debt)?

what is loan consolidation and debt consolidation?
how does consolidation work, what are the different options for consolidating?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of consolidating debt and loans?

what are the best tools and calculators for showing results of consolidating?

So, I want a list of the most useful sites and articles that will give
me this info in an informative, unbiased, comprehensive but easy to
understand way.


  1. Will my student loan consolidation loan affect my mortgage pre-approval? I am in the process of consolidating my student loans but I am going to graduate school this summer so...

  2. are there any lenders that do federal student loan consolidation? not private loans? it seems like there aren’t any lenders that do federal student loan consolidation programs. Are there any out there? not...

  3. Does anyone know of a company offering student loan consolidation loans? All the companies I have checked out are not offering consolidation loans because of the credit market. There is no...

  4. whats the best way to go about student loan consolidation? I have a bunch of student loans and i get a lot of junk mail about consolidating. Who is the...

  5. Student Loans : About Student Loan Consolidation Consolidation of student loans is something that almost every student can do after they graduate. Find out how to...

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  1. james.clarke2006 says:
    I know a bloke……..
  2. terunaz says:
    hi there! just take your time and go through this lot, you are bound to find what helps you out!
    if you get any luck please don’t forget about me, hope it helped you.

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