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I need some mortgage advice for refinancing or another option?

I owe about 130000 on my house and after all of this mortgage crisis stuff my house is worth around 110000 I would like to refinance but no one will help because I owe more than it is worth. I take home about 2000 a month and my mortgage payment alone is 1076 plus my other bills It is always really tight with money, does anybody have any advice or loop holes to getting refinanced any advice at all would help, Thanks


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2 Responses to "I need some mortgage advice for refinancing or another option?"

  1. WHAT says:
    At this time my advise is to rent out a room to help with expense. The home value will rise, but you may have to wait two years, so I guess think out of the box for now.
  2. Doctor J says:
    No one is going to give you a new loan. Period.

    The real issue here is “why did you buy a house you cannot afford”? You need to make more income and/or find a “room-mate” to help with your house payments.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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