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I need to find a bankruptcy attorney in Temecula, CA.?

with in a 50 mile radius. Now I don’t need to file bankruptcy,

I need some good advice,for little money!. Or Real Estate Lawyer All my friends out there help me get all these issues resolved.this is the first time in life i’ve had to make such horrific (2 me) decisions before


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One Response to "I need to find a bankruptcy attorney in Temecula, CA.?"

  1. The Professor says:
    Nancy, he’s a little more than 50 miles away (about 54 miles) but Attorney Wayne Johnson has the expertise you need in debtor’s rights, and is very well regarded in the local debtor’s rights bar. He’s in Redlands. The number is (909) 335-9200.

    If he is too far or you find you are unable to afford him, ask him for a referral closer to home. There are lots of good people out there, but also some bad ones who just try to plug everyone into a plan that pays the lawyer. Attorney Johnson and his staff should be able to put you on the right road.

    Good luck!

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