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I think my bankruptcy attorney is ripping me off.?

While beginning the bankruptcy process my husband and I paid our attorney in full and then continued to gather the necessary paper work, in the mean time with refinancing and sitting down with some of our debtors we now feel that we don’t need to file. Our attorney is trying to tell us that he is only able to refund us $400 out of our original $1900. We have not signed any of the final paper work nor were we ready to proceed to the actual filing. I don’t see where he has done anything so far can any one tell me the steps of filing before filing. I just don’t feel that he’s done $1500 worth the work yet.


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2 Responses to "I think my bankruptcy attorney is ripping me off.?"

  1. stan c says:
    Call the Federal Trade Commission toll free @ 1-877-382-4357 and ask what your options are.
  2. Doctor Deth says:
    you should have waited to start the whole process then if you thought there was any chance of not having to do it – is doesn’t take many hours for a lawyer to rack up $1500 of expense when they probably charge over $200/hr (and that’s a low estimate)

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