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i went to a harpist concert.. what does “arr.” mean?

in the program is says “arr.” followed by the person that is playing the harp..

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6 Responses to "i went to a harpist concert.. what does “arr.” mean?"

  1. Mia says:
    It’s short for arranged. It means the piece was originally for another instrument and the harpist arranged the piece for harp.
  2. andromeda says:
    “arranged by”

    It’s who the music was composed by.

  3. Tien C says:
    There would have been a name following the ‘arr.’
    part. This means that this is not the original piece, it was modified by some else. Does that help?
  4. clucky36 says:
    Arranged, so someone else wrote the music but the name written after “arr” was the person who wrote it so the harp could play it rather than say the piano or violin which was what the original music was written for
  5. Can music save your mortal soul? says:
    It is abbreviated arrangement.
  6. Angry Eyes says:
    What happened here was the harpist took a piece written by someone else and “arranged” the music to be played on the harp.

    The composer is the person who originally wrote (composed) the music. After that, anyone who alters that particular piece of music becomes an arranger. A piece can really only have one composer, but it could have multiple arrangers.

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