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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » If Conservatives think Obama is the most “socialist” President in history, explain this?

If Conservatives think Obama is the most “socialist” President in history, explain this?

How could you believe that – if we define the “socialism” of a President by the number or size of government programs initiated or expanded by him, then let’s take a look. I’ll use two other Presidents as examples that Cons often claim to be “socialist”

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” government programs – Social Security, FDIC, Minimum Wage, WPA, Wagner Act (growth of labor unions), creation of US Housing Authority, Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Securities & Exchange Commission. That’s not even all of the programs, but those are the major ones. Most of them still exist today.

Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” government programs – Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, NPR (Radio),

Barack Obama – no permanent government program has been created under Obama. Not one. Using Health Care Reform as an example, since Cons love to harp on it – Healthcare is STILL privatized under the new bill. The Public Option wasn’t even included, and there is no Universal Health Care. We simply have a privatized Healthcare system with some regulations & subsidies in place to prevent greedy healthcare companies from denying coverage to patients and rising costs.

So how is Obama more “socialist” than the previous two?

It only leaves one reason why many Conservatives think Obama is more “socialist” than the previous two. FDR & LBJ have something similar about each other, and they also share a similarity to most of the Cons/Teabaggers calling Obama “socialist” as well – and Obama, well, something about him stands out. Take a guess.

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14 Responses to "If Conservatives think Obama is the most “socialist” President in history, explain this?"

  1. Max Hoopla says:
    Not being a right wing wacko makes him a socialist.
  2. Aubrey says:
    Forcing someone to buy something they don’t want is socialism
  3. El Tecolote says:
    FDR was the most socialist-minded President in our history. Once you put these entitlement programs in, they are murderously hard to get rid of. That’s why we still have some of FDR’s crap around today. How is SOCIAL Security not a socialist idea? Please.

    Obama may be the 2nd poorest leader we’ve ever had, (sitting right between LBJ and Carter,) but he’s not a socialist. He’s too busy with his personal pet agenda and his purposeful divisiveness to be concerned with socialism.

  4. Jared Daliberal says:
    Thank God Republicans and even some Democrats stopped the idiot from Socializing our medical system!
  5. Charlie says:
    How if forcing someone to buy health care not socialist?

    @David Doto, it isn’t that I don’t want health care, it is that perhaps some people can’t afford it. So why should they be forced to buy it?

  6. Norm Deguere says:
  7. David Doto says:
    why would you not want healthcare??? Thats stupid everyone should want healthcare if you dont want healthcare then your a loonie toon
  8. libsticker says:
    Ideology….. just because the republicans (the party of no) was able to block his social agenda, doesn’t make him any less of a socialist. The left is pissed because he didn’t go far enough, he couldn’t the republicans kept threatening filabuster.
  9. Thedude27 says:
    A government run exchange and government run plan are permanent government programs. Even if you conveniently skip the other 148 government bureaucracies created to manage the bill. Also the government is now a bank, that hands out student loans.
  10. tonysanabria says:
    Sir, YOU
    have NEVER
    heard ME
    call Hussein Ohamas a socialist!

    What I have loudly and clearly articulated is that Hussein Ohamas is a SCUMBAG..:-0

  11. Phil McGroyen says:
    Woodrow Wilson was probably the most socialist in the past, in terms of beliefs, as is 0bama today.

    In personal beliefs, 0bama is an admitted socialist. Just because he has to deal with a democratically elected Congress, and can’t possibly get all his desires, doesn’t alter the basic facts of his beliefs.

  12. Quido Saduche' says:
  13. Larry Smith says:
    When they call Obama a “socialist”, it’s a way to get around calling him a nigger. They don’t really mean Socialism, they mean Nigger.
  14. Flower says:
    They dont really think he is. It is just one way of putting a label on him that does not seem racist. He is no socialist. He believes in the capitalist system and free enterprise including health care which he agreed to let the marketplace determine price. Government services are not the same as socialist programs or even social programs. Socialism is a political and economic model that does not exist totally in any country.

    There is no point in putting any effort into trying to argue with those who are too fanatic to discuss ideas.

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