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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » If illegals are paying taxes with bogus S.S.N. is it fraud to collect a tax refund?

If illegals are paying taxes with bogus S.S.N. is it fraud to collect a tax refund?

They say illegals are paying taxes but get no refunds, we know this is a lie.…

Should a program like e-verify be used for tax returns?
How can we stop these illegals from collecting refunds they don’t deserve?
What do you think of this tax fraud. Did these illegals know what they were doing? I believe so.

Drug raid uncovers massive tax fraud scheme

By Lisa Rogers
Times Staff Writer

Published: Friday, February 5, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.

An income tax fraud scheme discovered during a drug raid Thursday night is expected to lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal tax refunds.

“I wouldn’t be surprised it went into the millions,” Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin said during a news conference Friday.

Agents went to a mobile home on Sligo Road, just off Egypt Road in the Rockledge community, Thursday night to raid a suspected methamphetamine distribution ring and discovered more evidence than expected in the tax scheme.

Lori Lei Bodden, 41, her husband, Carlos Cardona-Herrera, 36, and Juan Hernandez-Telle, 22, were charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. Bodden is expected to be charged with distribution of methamphetamine.

Three-fourths of a pound of methamphetamine in its purest form, ice, was found hidden in a baby wipes container. The drugs have a street value of about $40,000.

Three children under the age of 4 were in the mobile home when agents raided it Thursday night and the Etowah County Department of Human Resources was called.

The drugs, along with guns, swords, cash, vehicles, a boat and several computers, were seized during the raid.

Those computers are expected to provide more information about the tax scheme, Entrekin said.

It is believed Bodden was filing income tax returns from her mobile home, primarily tax returns for illegal immigrants, and claiming the first-time home buyers tax credit of $8,000.

If someone is using a Social Security number and paid taxes through an employer, income tax returns can be filed.

“This was a very organized and elaborate tax fraud scheme,” Entrekin said. Records to confirm about $200,000 in tax refunds were discovered.

It is suspected that many more tax returns have been filed electronically and that information can be obtained through a forensic investigation of the computers.

It appears Bodden was profiting by filing the returns and charging 25 percent of the tax refund. The refunds were deposited into a bank account over which she had control.

Agents found one instance in which a person’s refund was about $12,000 and she made $2,700.

District Attorney Jimmie Harp gave an example of one tax return in which a person believed to be in the U.S. illegally made $6,000 last year and got a $13,000 refund using the tax credit.

Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit Commander Rob Savage said investigators have not found any homes listed as purchased on the returns that even exist.

“One was the address of a vacant lot,” he said.

Internal Revenue Service investigators have been contacted and are working the case.

“This started as a relatively routine narcotics case,” Savage said. “We are somewhat outraged to see this occurring. The victims are the taxpayers.

“This was in a double-wide trailer in the middle of western Etowah County.”

Brenn Tallent, supervisory resident agent at the Gadsden FBI office, said the tax scheme is a new twist for the partners in the Safe Streets Task Force.

“We’ve been taking drugs, guns and bad guys off the streets, but this is a crime we haven’t seen,” Tallent said. “I commend the agents on the streets for a job well done.”
If they are paying in, it is with fake and stolen S.S.N. So it is another crime commited by them


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8 Responses to "If illegals are paying taxes with bogus S.S.N. is it fraud to collect a tax refund?"

  1. GirlyGurl says:
    FALSE! here’s the drill:

    People enter the country illegally, some promptly procure bogus Social Security cards from the black market, and use them to get jobs. Eventually they get paid, and those earnings generate W-2s that go to the Social Security Administration, which tucks them away in something called the “earnings suspense file.” (The government does try to notify some of the larger employers that Social Security cards they’ve accepted appear to be phony, but that’s about the extent of its efforts to figure out where all this money is coming from.) According to the best estimates of the Social Security Administration, the fund has kept track over the last 20 years of more than $300 billion in total earnings – the vast majority of them attributable to illegal immigrants.

  2. ~-~-Answers!-~-~ says:
    At the end of the day, they are STILL COMMITTING TAX FRAUD AND IDENTITY FRAUD no matter how you calculate it!!!

    The American people have spoken – Illegals have GOT TO GO.

  3. getmoney says:
    I’m glad you are finally admitting that they pay taxes, and yes! many file because they feel it’s the right thing to do, but they don’t collect.

    It’s a mistake to think that no illegal immigrants pay taxes. They definitely do,” said Martha Pantoja, who has been helping Hispanic immigrants this tax season as an IRS-certified volunteer tax preparer for the nonprofit Nashville Wealth Building Coalition.ome illegal immigrants choose to file taxes and write a check come April 15, using an alternative to the Social Security number offered by the IRS so it can collect income tax from foreign workers.

    Among those she has assisted is Eric Jimenez, a self-employed handyman who has worked in Nashville for several years. He feels obliged to pay taxes – even though, as Pantoja said, “nothing would happen” to him if he did not.”

    “I have an idea, a mentality, that to be a good citizen you have to pay taxes,” he said. “Also, I’m conscious of the fact that the money we pay in taxes supports the schools and all the public services.”

  4. Joel W says:
    I had not thought of it.. but it just about has to be. The Federal Government cannot accommodate a criminal.
  5. tahitipooh says:
    ha, getmoney:

    the illegals feel that it’s the”Right Thing” to do filing taxes for the jobs they obtained illegally??

    that’s got to be the joke of the hour.

    And you know what the illegals also feel it’s right to do? they feel completely ok about bankrupting state governments with the free education, illegally gotten welfare benefits; plus bankrupting hospitals by using the ER as their primary health care. Watch out!!! there’s another 10,000 anchor babies poping out this week and waiting to be fed by U.S. citizens’s tax dollars

  6. Sasori says:
    It isn’t just the illegal committing tax fraud. LPR’s will “borrow” the social security number of a US born child to get a larger tax refund then give the child’s parent part of the refund.
    LPR’s will also claim they live with and care for their elderly parents and gain that tax credit also.
    Of course the parents are living in MX and the taxpayer is living and working in the US.
    LPR freely boast about this “tax evasion”. They have no problem doing it.

    I read articles like this every single year yet it seems nothing is being done to stop it. They always get into it after the fact. E-verify would stop a lot of this as they wouldn’t be able to get jobs in the first place. A picture ID should be required when filing a return and maybe even a fingerprint to verify the persons identity. That should probably be required when applying for employment also. Banks require a fingerprint to cash checks if you do not have an account. Hence the rapid growth of the check cashing stores.
    The illegal alien knows exactly what they are doing. Who do you think taught them how to do it? The LPR’s that’s who. They all believe we have money to burn and are just waiting for an opportunity to waste it on something. They don’t feel they are harming anyone in taking the refunds as the money didn’t belong to any one person; it came from the government.
    I guess they believe the government has money trees planted in DC and whenever they need money they get an illegal to go harvest it, you know one of those jobs Americans won’t do.

  7. Trader G says:
    Shh. You might offend a top contributor. And yes it is fraud; as my Dad used to say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

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