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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » if u read beowulff..can u plzz help me witt diss questionnss..kk?

if u read beowulff..can u plzz help me witt diss questionnss..kk?

1.what is beowulf’s plan for fighting grendel and why does he choose this plan?
2. How does grendel die?
3.What traits of Beowulf and grendel raise the fight between them to an epic struggle between two great opposing forces in the world?

4.What national, cultural, and religious beliefs are evident through the poem?
5. What are the two parts and the four strong beats in each of the following lines?
As day after day the music rang
Loud in that hall, the harp’s rejoicing


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One Response to "if u read beowulff..can u plzz help me witt diss questionnss..kk?"

  1. oldretiredfart says:
    I read it in about 1960 and i can only remember 3 of the answers. if you read it now, with your young memory, you should be able to answer all the questions very easily.

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