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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » I’m 21 & need help with my debt ASAP to get back into school. Any suggestions for the best debt consolidation?

I’m 21 & need help with my debt ASAP to get back into school. Any suggestions for the best debt consolidation?

I can’t get a loan without a co-signer and unfortunately I don’t have access to one for miles. I’m trying to get back into a SUNY school who screwed me over on a medical leave so now I owe over 6 grand of unpaid balances to the NYS attorney general where the school sent the bill to be collected legally. I’ve tried everything from a salliemae loan to an alternative loan from my local bank, everything requires a co-signer which I do not have. I’m currently looking up debt consolidation web links for help ASAP. Any other help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for reading all of this, I really want to go back to school and it’s very frustrationg dealing with so many financial difficulties.


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5 Responses to "I’m 21 & need help with my debt ASAP to get back into school. Any suggestions for the best debt consolidation?"

  1. pevehead says:
    you are like a ton of other people our age. you were stupid and went into debt.

    the solution would have been to not go into debt in the first place. like me. :)

    loans and credit cards are the two things that will screw you over.

    get a credit card and only use it to buy things that you would have payed for with debit anyway and then pay it all back right away straight from you debit. thats the best way to be.

  2. topguntony says:
    Try consumer credit counseling that is a legitimate organization.
  3. Rexy says:
    I have heard of several debt consolidation organizations, but I can’t recommend any as I have no experience with them. Please be aware that if you use a consolidation group, it will actually show on your credit report for several years, and you may have trouble getting loans in the future with a debt consolidation group on your record. But don’t let this deter you from getting the help you need. Just keep your focus on going back to school, and eventually things will fall into place for you. The medical bills may also be able to be payed on a payment plan set up, so it may not hurt to contact them and see if they are willing to work something out for you. Good luck.
  4. john.janney says:
    To access the list of government approved Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies who can provide Debt Management Plans, please go to:

    However, some debt agencies require a minimum amount of debt before they will enroll a consumer into their program. If you do qualify, the CCC Agency will setup an accelerated repayment plan, try to secure lower interest rates on outstanding accounts (possibly reage accounts and get penalties waived), establish an automatic withdrawal from your bank (one monthly payment) and then distribute these funds to your creditors based on the repayment plan (DMP).

    Be sure to visit the FTC’s website about credit. They have good information about what to look for in a credit counseling agency (see links below).

    A note of clarity: debt consolidation is the process of moving multiple debts into one new debt account whereas payment consolidation is making one payment to a 3rd-party agency (CCC) who then distributes the funds to multiple creditors. A CCC’s DMP involves payment consolidation, not debt consolidation. Debt consolidation usually involves home equity loans (2nd mortgage, refinancing, HELOC).

  5. terunaz says:
    hi, I don’t promise anything but if you are willing to read
    people in debt often seem to find some help here :
    and here
    also plenty more to read here
    good luck!

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