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Important Tips To Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal issue where an individual or a company is unable to pay the debts. Now a days filing for bankruptcy has become very common and individuals / companies do not even try for another alternative. Bankruptcy filing has serious repercussions which can damage you business reputation. It’s also known as “Last Resort” which stays on your credit report for a longer period due to which you should consider all available options prior to filing for bankruptcy.

The moment you find your debts running out of control, you should immediately explore a solution that can bail you out of the situation. Following are some important tips you may consider to avoid filing for bankruptcy.


Consulting with a credit counselor is one of the first solutions you can explore to better understand your financial situation and take stock of what you are doing right or wrong, where you can save money and how to spend wisely.

Second solution that can help you prevent filing for bankruptcy would be “to consolidate your existing debt”. You would have to consolidate everything you owe and put it together into one loan. Debt consolidation loans offer considerably good interest rates which in turn will make your monthly payments smaller and more manageable.

Last but not the least, when the debts have gotten out of control then “debt settlement” could be one of the best solutions to opt for. In this scenario, you can reach out to a debt settlement company who can help you negotiate the debt payment with the creditors. They try to convince your creditor to accept a minimum payment sometimes as low as 50% of your total debt value. The creditors may accept this situation and clear your debts. They too stand to gain for if you file bankruptcy they may not even get 50%.

Whatever stage you are at with filing for bankruptcy one of these options can give you a new hope. Always consult a financial or legal expert, if you are having any doubts/issues regarding bankruptcy.

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David began his legal career in 2001, where his major focus was in residential real estate transaction. In 2003, David moved on to representing clients in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. David advanced to a senior attorney position at one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the nation and has counseled thousands of clients about their financial needs.


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