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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » In 2004, Kerry harped about protecting US ports from nukes. Now Napolitano is cutting program. Don’t Dems?

In 2004, Kerry harped about protecting US ports from nukes. Now Napolitano is cutting program. Don’t Dems?

… care about protecting America lives from nuclear devices coming into our ports any more?
Napolitano said it would take at least $168 BILLION, would not be worth it, and would need technology that does not exist.

Was Kerry wrong? Was Pelosi wrong to pass this impossible mandate? Was 0bama wrong to support it?

If not, why are they failing?
Napolitano said it would drive up costs and “not bring significant benefits!”


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7 Responses to "In 2004, Kerry harped about protecting US ports from nukes. Now Napolitano is cutting program. Don’t Dems?"

  1. John Milton says:
    Dems care about two things: !) Staying in office, 2) Spending (or wasting) our tax dollars.
  2. gyt says:
    No. That’s why there is no more terrorism in their minds. There are only man made disasters. This is the same mindset that was in place before 9/11. We know what our leader’s apathy led to and yet they never learn.
  3. kcc0482 says:

    The US government Destroyed 2 huge buildings in Manhattan and then pointed the finger at the poorest ppl in the mid-east!!!

    They never cared!

    And dont say “well that was Bush”!

    WHO? is going to use the “evidence” Bush collected about 9/11 to convict a guy they BEAT a confession out of?

    I am all about Justice for the things that happened on 9/11, BUT I WANT THE RIGHT SOB!!!!!

  4. Water Boarding says:
    HERE….. try this….very short related cartoon video….
    pass it on.
  5. RayHere says:
    This is the way they operate Just like kyoto it was all the talk Now just read how they feel about this B/s
  6. Nikki says:
    Of course they care! But Obama is president now, not the uber-terrorist Bush. The world LUVS us! We have nothing to fear.
  7. moo goo gai pan says:
    Everyone knows john Kerry is about as big a phony as Obama and the rest of the democratic liars that make up that farce of a political party and you would think they would tone down a little after their king of thief’s and liars teddy died, but not those morons and now Kerry is trying to get some attention with crazy ideas like Gore and Obama,, I think Kerry and Obama should join up with Gore and go look for “Man Bear Pig”//Man they are lunatics for sure and Kerry still thinks he was a swift boat captain in viet nam, Wow talk about delusional//

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