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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » In a foreclosure am I entittled to pay any liens on the house?

In a foreclosure am I entittled to pay any liens on the house?

I am going through a strict foreclosure, in CT. I have a lien from a second mortgage and that mortgager is still trying to collect on that debt, should I still be paying on that or will that lien be taken care of through the foreclosure. What are my rights if any in this matter?


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  1. Beverly S says:
    When a house is foreclosed on & has 2 mortgages the first mortgager usually is the one who forecloses. The first mortgage holder will already have notified the 2nd that they are foreclosing- the 2nd mortgage holder has the option to pay off the first & then foreclose themselves (which isn’t going to happen 99% of the time) or to take whatever they can get when the house sells to new owner. If the house sells for more than the balance due to the first mortgage the 2nd gets whatever the overage is up to their loan amount. In these days of declining home values they may get nothing. Regardless though I would not pay the 2nd since it’s still going to reflect on your credit as a foreclosure what’s the use? The house is their only security so they will not sue you for the balance- although people may tell you this- it never happens! Good luck!

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