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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » In the US, if Medicare is going bankrupt is the solution to abolish it or to fund it out of bankruptcy?

In the US, if Medicare is going bankrupt is the solution to abolish it or to fund it out of bankruptcy?


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9 Responses to "In the US, if Medicare is going bankrupt is the solution to abolish it or to fund it out of bankruptcy?"

  1. bluechristy says:
    If the GOP could get away with it medicare would be abolished and Grandma would be dead much sooner .
  2. Brutus says:
    Phase it out. There are millions of seniors that are now enslaved to Medicare. For those people it will have to continue. But the young people can get off it by taking that money and putting into a medical savings account. That way medical costs will not increase at such a high rate and individuals will be able to pay for the treatments they need without getting buried in red tape.

    BTW, Medicare is bankrupt in the sense that over the next 20 years it will need $40 Trillion in additional funding, but the number of people paying into the system is not enough to cover its costs. Most likely the government will have to print and inflate the currency, or sell more debt to who ever will buy it.

  3. Frank the American Capitalist says:
    Idiots don’t understand this. They won’t answer your question logically. Just assume Republicans want people to die. When really we want them to be healthy so they don’t cost anything for health care. Health care costs money when you’re sick. We don’t want you to be sick.

    To finish this, Medicare/Medicaid need to be eliminated so health insurance companies can sell insurance to the poor/elderly efficiently. Right now they can’t since the government does that. Forcing health care providers to guess how much health care is. Since the lowest value is for free from the government. Causing a massive spike in costs for everyone.

  4. BO the Magic Jeep says:
    One way is to reform health care and disingenuously take 400 billion out of Medicare so as to render it a worthless program. In many parts of the country this cut will make physicians not accept new Medicare patients just as baby boomers are retiring. Change you can believe in.
  5. Doobee says:
    0bama seems to think that cutting funding will help. I never trust a democrat when they want to “cut funding”, they usually spend even more.
  6. snowball45830 says:
    Fund and change. The people in this country who have worked and paid taxes their entire lives should have 100% coverage including medication. We could fund that by not paying all the medical bills for the welfare mother’s 5th child and stop letting Tommy the crack head get free medical care at the E.R. every time he passes out in the gutter.
  7. Cheelicious is a Snitch says:
    It is being spend by congress as regular taxes ,not bankrupt.That money is not taxes. Those are retirement funds that belong to the people.Congress should not have access to that money because it is not tax money.
  8. tap_alto says:
    The solution is to privatize Medicare and to make seniors pay for it like they currently pay for medicare supplement insurance. There is not a ‘good’ solution to this problem like every other problem cause by ‘progressives’ (I call them tyrants)
  9. Trying to Help says:
    I believe that an easy way to rescue the whole system is to remove the cap on what income is subject to Social Security tax and means-test benefits. People don’t only pay income tax on the first $x, and everything they earn after that is tax-free. Why do we make everyone, rich and poor, pay a given percentage into Social Security, and then let people who earn enough stop paying? Why should the poor pay a greater proportion of their income into the system than the very wealthy? And, why do people who have enormous pensions and investment income continue to receive just as much from the system as those who really depend upon the money to survive? That might have been alright (if rather contrary to our usually progressive tax system) and– in the case of non-means-tested benefits– even fair when the system was solvent; but, when the system is in trouble and we are desperate for ways to fix it, I can’t see how we can continue to favor the wealthy this way. Other than the fact that the wealthy have more power to have the laws written in a way that they like, I cannot understand how we can keep this system. I do not believe that just letting people die will ever be a popular option.

    I suspect that when people begin to die because they cannot obtain medical help, people will go into open revolt over ridiculous pork barrel projects. It’s easy to say that we should fund Medicare with money usually earmarked for pork; but, I’m not crazy enough to imagine that pork will ever disappear. I do believe, however, that pork will be a tripwire to ignite overwhelming outrage at budget decisions that kill people. Before Medicare is abolished, Congressmen will be strung up for ridiculous, unneeded projects whose only purpose is busy-work in the Congressman’s district.

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