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Insolvency advice for companies in Camberley

Camberley is a market town in Surrey. It has a population of 3,000 and is 31 miles south west of central London. It is part of the Aldershot Farnborough and Farnham urban area with a population of 244,000.

Help With Debt helps companies with debt problems through this worrying time.

Companies up and down the country are struggling to make ends met and get through the recession. Companies and Business based in Camberley are no different.

Businesses in Camberley which are insolvent need to take proper insolvency advice and may need to cease to trade. To carry on trading whilst insolvent can lead to accusations of wrongful trading which can make a director personally liable for losses of the company.

There are three main types of insolvency procedure which can help a limited company which is insolvent.


CVL or Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

This is where a company in Camberley, calls a meeting of it’s creditors to advise them that it is insolvent and as prudent directors they have to close the company to stop any further loses from occurring. This is a simple procedure and will be well known to company directors. In a CVL it may be possible for the directors of the business to purchase the assets and viable business from the Liquidator. Many businesses in Camberley have been helped by such a mechanism.

CVA or Company Voluntary Arrangement

This is a solution whereby the company which is essentially viable offers to pay back to it’s creditors a set amount in the £ of money owed, over a period of time, which is usually 3 – 5 years. This enables the company to continue in business but stops all creditors from taking action which could prejudice the survival of the company. Companies in and around Camberley have been using this procedure since 1986.


The administration procedure is now a tool used quite frequently by businesses in Camberley to close down one company and pre-pack the sale of the old business to a new company, whilst preserving the value of the business. It maintains employment and creates a viable new entity whilst at the same time delivering a better return to creditors than might otherwise be the case.

All these company debt solutions are available to business owners on Camberley and advice on which is best for your insolvent company is only a phone call away.

Information provided by Steve Thatcher of Help With Debt (UK) Limited and total debt solutions company.
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