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insolvency and suicide. what do you think?


  1. will financial insolvency increase the suicide rate with the current economic disaster? many people will lose everything they worked hard for all their lives and will become homeless, what would you do....

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6 Responses to "insolvency and suicide. what do you think?"

  1. Spindrift says:
    Def one causes the other in some cases, as we have seen recently in the news re the rise in murder suicides of so many families.
  2. Le-roy says:
    nothing really as long as me and the people i care about is not in those situations.

    i cannot completely tell you how i feel because i never been through this.

    but i can say that suicide is just taking the easy way out

  3. Dr. Tay says:
    Very interesting.

    Well, what keeps the homeless alive? Hope, faith…what?

    I don’t believe people are given more than they can handle and I believe there are always options other than suicide.

  4. Run Amok says:
    They can go hand in hand.
  5. says:
    Insolvency can be lived through with happier times a head.

    the other suicide, please call 000 in Australia

    or 911 in USA…. and speak about your intentions NOW..!

    Cheers & Good Luck Been to both places so I know.


  6. aikens says:
    I don’t look at insolvency as a reason to end our lives. Suicide will not solve our problems. And, I believe that every problem has solution. If things are getting harder you may seek some advice, rather than ending our lives.

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