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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » Instead of bailing out the banks why can’t we bail out the people?

Instead of bailing out the banks why can’t we bail out the people?

Give struggling homeowners the option of refinancing in a program similar to student loans… you know the kind that if you fall behind they keep your tax return and garnish your wages.

Something with a stable and fair interest rate that doesn’t gouge the little guy.


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6 Responses to "Instead of bailing out the banks why can’t we bail out the people?"

  1. Edward says:
    Because the banks are “too big to let fail.” The American people are nice and small.
  2. rightstuff says:
    The bill the dems wrote is trying to bail out the banks and the
  3. krollohare2 says:
    Yes. Well that would entail giving us back our own money, wouldn’t it? It would mean rewarding taxpayers for making mistakes, right?

    That would mean putting Main Street ahead of Wall Street, right?

    Nope. We can’t have that. It would only encourage more bad, reckless behavior just like those leaches on Wall Street that in effect used our money to go gambling in that great casino called the NYSE.

  4. Thomas says:
    i am all for it and let the banks suffer for their fraudulent greedy practices. the consumers need to keep their house (dreams).
  5. says:
    ya, the gas and food prices really wiped us out~!

    savings depleted, bills piled up, medicine and insurance are out of control, cost twice as much to eat and drive to work~!!!

    these Clowns in the White-house don’t have a clue of whats goin on in the REAL World~!

  6. slew says:
    FIrst off the people already got loans that are more than fair. that is how we got in trouble in the first place. We gave them home loans at an interest rate that is way too low. This incourage peopleto spend irresponsibly . BUy houses they can’t afford. Discourage saving , because giving homes at low interest rate means that the saving accounts are giving out interest rates lower than inflation rate. The people in these homes like the CEO in the banks both acted irresponsibly and thought the good times never will end. Neither should be bailed out, although bailing out people makes more sense than the company. If we bail out the company, the people will be laid off anyways.

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