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Interest Rates on Student Loan Consolidation?

I just graduated and I am trying to consolidate my student loans. Right now, they are with two different comapanies which offered me a 7.14% and 7.25% interest rate respectively. I called another company who had sent me literature, and they offered a 6.125% rate for the first 36 on time payments, then it will drop to 5.875% after that. I thought this was a good deal, but people keep telling me that it is an awfully high interest rate on a student loan. Does anyone know if a lower one can be found anywhere, and if so with what company? Is this about the best deal I will be able to get?


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2 Responses to "Interest Rates on Student Loan Consolidation?"

  1. Tiare says:
    The 6% loan is not so bad. Have you tried Sallie Mae? I got a rate less than 5% with them, but it was about 3 yrs ago.
  2. Colin says:
    eloan is good for lowest rates and here are some more…

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