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IRS form 982 for insolvency?

I am filing 982 for discharge of indebtedness due to the extent insolvent (not title 11). My liabilities far outweight my assets because of student loans. What number am I supposed to put on line 10a. The amount forgiven or $0 ? The instructions make no sense. Please explain your answer.


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2 Responses to "IRS form 982 for insolvency?"

  1. Gaytheist Buddha says:
    Student loans follow you forever, even after you die. They cannot ever be discharged.

    Line 10a is asking about the value of your house, automobile, or other tangible assets.

  2. the tax lady says:
    So, you got a 1099-C.

    Have you read IRS publication 4681 in full, starting on page 1?

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