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Is a harp okay for a morning wedding outdoors?

I talked to a friend who plays the harp professionally, and she agreed to play the harp for us at our wedding. At that time, we were getting married in the evening at sunset on a lake. Now our plans have changed and we’re getting married @ 10:00am at a gazebo next to a lake by a city park. Its very beautiful, but I’m not sure if a harp would be appropriate, or loud enough. Any ideas?


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6 Responses to "Is a harp okay for a morning wedding outdoors?"

  1. aspasia says:
    But of course! How lovely!
  2. leslie says:
    The harp is absolutely fine for any hour of the day/night. It does not have to be in a formal setting or an inside venue. The harpist can use a microphone to project the sound, if necessary. I’m sure your guests will love the harp and will rarely or never have the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful instrument in such a gorgeous setting.
  3. BUStudent says:
    I think that you should be fine. If you think the harp won’t be loud enough, just set up amplifiers like they do at concerts. But I went to a morning wedding and they had a harp, although it was indoors, but it was very pretty. I would say go for it!
  4. Garnet Glitter says:
    Harp music is always appropriate.
  5. dachshundautumn says:
    why not? go for it. it is your wedding and you do what you want…i have a friend who is a harp player and she did several weddings at different times a day. i think hard music is very beautiful…so, in other words…it is ok to have a harp for a morning wedding outdoors.
  6. iloveweddings says:
    Oh my…..that would be LOVELY at that hour! Perfectly fine.

    The only problem may be the city park. Will there be others
    “picnicing” nearby? Or playing frisbee or anything else that would be loud?

    If you will be in a more secluded/private spot, then I think it would be really pretty with the harp.

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