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Is a paralegal just as safe to use as a lawyer for bankruptcy?

A co-worker of mine referred me to a paralegal that has helped a few of her friends and cousins get through bankruptcy. He is only going to charge me $600 (as opposed to up to $1700 with a lawer) and literally walk me through it. I guess the word “paralegal” is worrying me a little because he is not a lawyer but does anyone else have any experience with a paralegal and bankruptcy?


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9 Responses to "Is a paralegal just as safe to use as a lawyer for bankruptcy?"

  1. jm says:
    No, a paralegal can just give you advice, but if you have the time you can do the research yourself and save the $600.
  2. peekie says:
    Paralegals do not have the knowledge or experience that an attorney has, nor are they licensed to represent you in a court of law.

    I personally would much rather pay the extra money and hire an attorney.

    I believe in the motto, “if you’re going to do something, then get it done right.”

  3. Sexygemini says:
    I wouldn’t do it. Bankruptcy is not a simple task. If not done incorrectly, it can screw you up even more. I filed about 7 yrs ago and used a lbankruptcy lawyer. Granted it was 7 yrs ago but I was only charged $500. I suggest you research a little more, maybe find bankcrupcy firms and compare prices. Remember, cheaper is not always better.
  4. Annie says:
    I’m mayjoring in law and i can tell you that they are two different postion, a lawyer has taken the bar that’ll allow them to give legal advice and bascialy perform the duties of a lawyer. A parlegal has about 2-4 yrs of law and itsn’t authorized by any bar association. You can always go to a parlegal for advice-but if it calls for a lawyer to do the bankruptcy procedures i’ll stick w/ a lawyer.
  5. kissmybum says:
    No…not sure where you live but a paralegal should NOT be giving any legal advice.

    And the fact the he or she is going to charge you for their services….tsk tsk…that’s a bad move on their part and highly unethical.

  6. mzmscheeveeuhs says:
    A paralegal researches cases for attorneys and helps them prepare clients for trial but are not legally allowed to practice law and a bankruptcy case is such a case that a lawyer would be most helpful. You can file and represent yourself in such a case but the legal ramifications of not knowing all the ins and outs of pertinent legal issues concerning all the new bankruptcy laws which have come into play recently could be your downfall. Good luck to you whichever course you take.
  7. koreangurl says:
    It just depends…..I work for a bankruptcy attorney here in Oklahoma and the paralegal here is awesome!!! She does most of the paperwork and the attorney just checks it over so that it can be filed. If also depends on your situation….if you don’t feel comfortable with a paralegal doing the bankruptcy, then it would probably be best to go through an attorney who can give you legal advice whereas a paralegal cannot…
  8. Studly says:
    Just my opinion….but I’ve seen this from a lot of differant angles.

    I have seen a lot of very smart paralegals…and a lot of very dumb lawyers. Just because they are a lawyer does not make them extremely smart or immune from screwing up a case.

    In many law offices, the paralegal does a lot of the actual work, and is “probably” capible of doing a bankruptcy case.

    But you need to keep one very important point in mind. Under the new bankruptcy laws, if you make one mistake…missfile one form…goof up one procedure…then your bankruptcy case will be dismissed. If that happens you can not file again for one year. In that time, you can bet your creditors will do everything they can to get their case to court and get their money within that time! Especially now that they know you are filing for bankruptcy.

    So with that said…if you have a very simple bankruptcy you could probably get away with a paralegal. But anything else, I would highly recommend a qualified lawyer.

  9. chslaw says:
    I have yet to meet a paralegal that can match my skills as a bankruptcy attorney. I’ve seen other message posted in this by people who’s cases got screwed up by trying to do it themselves or with the help of a paralegal. Getting things wrong can result in a dismissal of your case and a denial of a discharge. I paralegal cannot represent you in court when things go wrong. Spend the extra money and get it done right.

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