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i have a judgement filed in court agaist me for an old credit card debt,its affecting the jobs i apply for cause employers do credit checks along with background. im unemployed, dont have the money to pay this large debt, and need to get this removed off my public record. bankrupcy is myonly way out now?


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  1. Book_lover says:
    Yes its your only solution if you want to get a good job
  2. T-dog says:
    yea i would say that is your best solution
  3. Rahul V says:
    I am not sure how bankruptcy will remove this off from public record. I think bankruptcy only frees you up from paying the amount. But the fact will remain that you were bankrupt. I think that will harm the credit more.

    Perhaps the jobs you are looking for require the employee to have perfect financial record. I am sure employment agencies will be able to tell you jobs that don’t require such a background check. I agree it will be hard in these economic times. But you should be able to get ‘some’ job. It may not be what you dream, but it might get you started on getting out of the hole.

    You can also negotiate with the credit card company to let you pay the money in installments. You can use the thought of bankruptcy as a negotiating tool. Bank knows that if you go bankrupt, they will get nothing. So they might be willing to work something out.

    Good luck.

  4. Steve says:
    I’m pretty sure the bankruptcy will look far worse than the old credit card debt.

    Having to pay the debt might actually work in you favor…the employer might decide you need the job and aren’t likely to bolt.

  5. Leah B says:
    DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you think your having problems now getting a job due to your credit, you’ll never get a job.
    The bankruptcy will make the credit even worse and your going to have to feel the pain from this for at least 7 years. See if you can make payment arrangements with the creditor as opposed to filing. I filed for bankruptcy and it was he worst thing I ever did, I am totally against this option.
  6. Zoinks! says:
    Here’s the bottom line: you’d probably be able to walk away from the old credit card debt by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, assuming you can qualify after jumping through the bankruptcy hoops that are now in place. But bankruptcy doesn’t remove negative information from your credit reports. Either way, your credit is trashed for the next few years (up to 10 if you file bankruptcy).

    Something else to consider is that once there is a judgement against you, your wages (once you DO get a job) can then be garnished in order to pay off this old debt. Contact the creditor and try to work out some sort of payment arrangements once you do become employed. Whatever you do, though, do NOT allow them to bully you into giving them more than you can afford. Your first priorities are food, shelter, clothing and transportation to your job(s). You might even mention to them that if you can’t come to an agreement that you’ll just have to file bankruptcy as you don’t have a job or assets. That might make them suddenly become more reasonable.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Tarun says:
    Bless you for even thinking about such a thing. You’re no longer obligated to repay them, but you always have that opportunity. If your conscience won’t let you sleep nights because you didn’t pay your debts, there’s nothing in the bankruptcy code that prevents you from doing that once you’re back on your feet. But bankruptcy is an all-or-nothing deal, so you have to include all your creditors in the petition.

    Good Luck…

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