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Is cutting spending really better than increasing Tax Revenues with Better Jobs and Higher standards of living?

I know Orange John want to cut spending by tossing the Grandmothers out in the cold

But what about better jobs making more money and paying a little more Taxes. Doesn’t that also help end America’s insolvency


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9 Responses to "Is cutting spending really better than increasing Tax Revenues with Better Jobs and Higher standards of living?"

  1. Donovan says:
    Higher taxes are unpopular and politicians just want to get reelected. So therefore, the taxes will never increase

    We need to cut the budget by at least 1.5 trillion if we don’t want to see the deficit increase, and we need to raise taxes to raise more revenues.

    And no, I don’t mean SLASH the programs, I mean cut waste so we don’t damage the institutions and healthcare companies that depend on federal funding.

    So far, both sides aren’t willing to do this.

  2. Shaddup Libs says:
    Better jobs show up when businesses start or move in with a lower tax schedule.
  3. Fed Up says:
    It makes sense to me but the problem is whenever there is an increase in productivity it never goes to the workers.
  4. ß says:
    You talk about “better jobs making more money” as if creating them is simply a matter of willing them into existence.

    If you want to start learning the basics of economics, I suggest going to and reading some of the free pdf books.

  5. Wall Street loves Obama says:
    You have to get the jobs first before increasing taxes – 2 years now and no jobs in sight.
  6. Tony S says:
    Higher taxes does not always equate to higher revunue, sometimes it equates to less.
    the government gets more money with a 10% tax then say a 90% tax, that case is pretty clear with 90% of your money you would spend more in the economy which in turn creates more job and so on. At 90% tax rate you don’t have much to spend in the economy. A 20% tax rate will give you more revenue then a 10% tax rate but there reaches a point where it starts to decrease the revenue, once you start charging more then 40% of high income earners in my opinion it begins to hurt the economy because they still have state taxes to pay, property taxes to pay and so forth. The amount of increased spending that has occurred in the last 10 years by both parties is outrageous and it’s not a good idea to raise taxes during a bad economy. Less jobs means less tax payers. JFK, Eisenhower, Regan and Bush all increased revenue by decreasing taxes, the problem with Bush is he let spending get out of control and now Obama tries to justify his spending by blaming it on Bush, both of these guys are liberal spenders.
  7. chloe says:
    Tax cuts for the wealthiest 3% of Americans was a huge mistake. Tax increases with spending cuts would make more sense.
  8. POTUS says:
    Our taxes are continuously going up. When will it be enough for us to reach this higher standard. How do you make a better job?

    The average salary is in decline due to the influx of immigrants agreeing to work for lower wages. Why? Due again to the governments own lack of enforcement of its laws. If were not going to enforce the laws lets eliminate the immigration department and then the education department. We spend more money today on education, but have the worst outcome. Why? Do we just have to spend a little bit more to create geniuses?

    Granny will meet the cold. Why? Because the government refuses to enforce its own regulations and crackdown on all the waste and fraud in medicare and Medicaid. Were talking billions.

    Government is the worst place to look for salvation. We are taxed in almost everything we do and its still not enough. It wasn’t the citizen that caused the deficit. Its ignorant politicians giving money to special interest groups for re-election.

  9. Lee says:
    Two years and no jobs in sight.That’ what person answered.Well, the old jobs are never returning.If you have the skill there is a job out there for you.That’s just the way it is.The dinosaurs couldn’t adapt so they perished.This is a fast changing world and if you can’t keep up you’ll fall by the wayside.Up grade your skills even if you’re 50+ or get left behind.

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