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Is Debt Consolidation the Best Way to Go and If So How Should I Go About It?

Like I am in about $20,000 in debt and I was thinking about consolidating all of it into one monthly payment. If I do decide to do it, I really would like to know how everything will show up on my credit report after everything is said and done.


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  2. Is there such a thing as a legit debt consolidation program out there? Does anyone know of any real debt consolidation programs to reduce your monthly bills? I currently have a lot of...

  3. Any idea for debt consolidation up to 10 years? I have over $88K in credit cards. I went to debt consolidation program and my FICO score went high. My...

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  5. Is it better to use a debt consolidation service or contact creditors directly? I owe on 3 credit cards. One is starting to fall behind on the payments as its too much to...

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3 Responses to "Is Debt Consolidation the Best Way to Go and If So How Should I Go About It?"

  1. Smilin'Bob_ The Enzyte Guy says:
    Pick your stiffest interest rate debt.. and concentrate on paying it off first.. all the while paying minimums on the rest.

    Repeat the process until done

    Seeking credit counseling can REALLY hurt your credit score…

  2. James E says:
    If you are in debt you may consider a debt management program to consolidate debt,
    There is a reputable website here, with a secure online form
  3. marina C says:
    It is important that you know what your options are and what your goals are before choosing a debt consolidation program. has all the debt consolidation resources you need to understand how debt consolidation can work for you and select the best option for you. They even have a Debt Consolidation Savings Center that can help you find debt consolidation providers.

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