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Is General Motors and the government crazy?

Now I just heard GM is going to give its employees what amounts to a 9 week summer vacation, ALL expenses paid! The union clause will make GM pay the difference in their wages, what the federal unemployment doesn’t, nearly 100% !!! How can this go on as they are thinking of bankruptcy? So, this is their only solution to the government handout/bailout? OMG! Why doesn’t someone step in and put an end to this particular company and it’s fat union?


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5 Responses to "Is General Motors and the government crazy?"

  1. Robert j says:
    i would have to agree with you on that topic.
    the government has become the laughing stock of the world. we as americans must stand up and defend what is ours and tell the gm bastards enough is enough!!!!! we as americans will not take this.
    there wanting to do bankruptcy, and there on a summer vacation chilling while americans like me and you are busting our butts to support our families.
  2. Backwards_Bob says:
    Yeah I really think that our government should consult with Europe on how to run things in a socialist way. They messed everything up when it wasn’t as socialist. Now they’re still cocky and think they got it all figured out how to change it. They really blew it by wrecking the world economy. And we go on waiting to see what these kindergarteners will mess up next.
  3. wazup says:
    yeah they are they in my opinion they are not going to recover for a while and there cars aren’t that great anyway
  4. Lee says:
    Have you a clue why GM is in the situation they are in.Employee wages are only part of the problem.GM has given in to the union demands for years and passed the cost on to the consumer,while still producing a inferior product.It’s like going to your dad and asking for a bag of candy,and he gives it to you every time.Years later you develop diabetes.Who’s at fault?Both.GM needs to bit the bullet,even if it means bankruptcy,and reorganize.
  5. Bob K says:
    i live near Detroit and i even have to say its pretty lame. They interview ppl on the news sometimes and some of them are unbelievably retarded they like no we gunna keep our pay and benefits ther are few that say we need to take paycuts i gotta keep my job. But the union ppl are too greedy they i dont kno if they dont understand the company has no money left and they arent taking enough cuts. personally i think they should try to stay out of bankruptcy and the government should just let auto companies terminate all contracts then rehire all with no benefits and lower wages and ppl will have to take job. They can get all ther benefits back wen the company does good maybe but they just want more and more its really sad. also retirees its terrible they are getting too much benefits and pension

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