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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Is GM’s insolvency nothing more than a lack of “Stewardship” on the part of Management and Labor?

Is GM’s insolvency nothing more than a lack of “Stewardship” on the part of Management and Labor?

Years ago management and skilled labor both took a vested interest in the Stewardship and health of the organization they worked for..

Didnt both sides just milk the corporation to death
I watched the same thing happen to Northwest Airlines…


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10 Responses to "Is GM’s insolvency nothing more than a lack of “Stewardship” on the part of Management and Labor?"

  1. Sharon says:
    In order to go anywhere in an Obama GM Clunker you will have to have a Honda, Toyota, Nissan or other non UAW made car to tow it around town.
  2. xtina says:
    Yes youre right. I heard someone say GM was just really a big pension company that made cars on the side !
  3. David H says:
    YOU GOT IT. Greed.
  4. allan s says:
    so true
  5. Chiabama says:
    Sad thing is, people knew back in the 70′s their retirement plan was unsustainable.
  6. eyeofra1969 says:
    Not to mention taking $50 billion in taxpayer dollars knowing full well that they are going to go bankrupt. That’s called theft. I’ll never buy a GM or Chrysler made automobile again. Baztards…
  7. another Republican moron says:
    labor has nothing to do with it
    they just do as they are told
    ALL of the responsibility belongs to the brass
  8. Jeff S says:
    I think it is a lot of what you said.Yet I also think a lot of their problems stem from the economy.I wonder how much sales will be down for the first 2 quarters of this year compared to last year and the year before that.
  9. justagrandma says:
    Management makes the decisions, not labor. Labor is only responsible for doing the best for its members, not the company.
    Unions are the voice of the labor force, just as management represents the best interests of the company.
    Obviously the company would like to pay its labor as little as possible, give it no time off, and let it hang for health insurance. Thats the job of management. Unions would like the most money, pension and health benefits it can get, thats its job. If the corporation does well, they both do well, asking the labor force to accept cutbacks and givebacks because of poor managment was done, but eventually that poor management either changes or the company goes bankrupt.
    If management at GM had done well, as it did for many years, there wouldn’t be, as there wasn’t then any anger at labor. Everyone benefitted. But when management couldn’t produce reliable affordable, innovative vehicles, and went into other areas like loans and banking, they lost money and market shares.
    If you kill the cow there is no milk, but the butcher was management.
  10. Shelley L says:
    Their failure is all about bad decisions, lack of interest in the future health of the company and, yes, the executives milking the company of all it was worth. They got fat on the sale of the SUVs but never made any advancements in the development of good automobiles. As a result, they fell too far behind the likes of Honda and Toyota and were unable to compete. When the gas prices shot up and the market tanked, resulting in people no longer buying gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks, GM was not prepared. If you cannot think of the future and keep up with the times, you die.

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